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How many gigabytes per hectare are available in the digital agriculture era? A digitization footprint estimation

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Kayad A, Sozzi m, Paraforos D S, Rodrigues F A, Cohen Y, Fountas S, Medel-Jimenez F, Pezzuolo A, Grigolato S, Marinello F Jul, 2022


Radiative transfer model inversion using high-resolution hyperspectral airborne imagery – Retrieving maize LAI to access biomass and grain yield

Field Crops Research

Kayad A, Rodrigues F A, Naranjo S, Sozzi M, Pirotti F, Marinello F, Schulthess U, Defourny P, Gerard B, Weiss M. Jun, 2022

Characterising retained dormant shoot attributes to support automated cane pruning on Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sauvignon Blanc

Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research

Epee P T M, Schelezki OJ, Parker A K, Trought M C T, Werner A, Hofmann R W, Almond P, Fourie J. May, 2022

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